After Hours Networking Event Recap – 2/24/16

Thanks to all the business owners and residents who came to the Madeira Chamber of Commerce After Hours Networking Event on 2/24/16.

Special Thanks To Our Sponsor:

First Data, Merchant Services / Business Solutions. As a member of the Madeira Chamber of Commerce, you will receive floor pricing (25% to 35% off list price) for most of First Data’s equipment (POS, Terminal, Gateways). Their services come with free cost of business and cost analysis, and because they are the actual processor, they are often able to provide substantial savings and beat most pricing.

Special Thanks To Our Host:

Trio, a comfortable, upmarket bistro serving American standards in stylish surroundings for over 20 years. A perfect place to have a terrific meal, or even a special gathering.
Address: 7565 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236
Phone: (513) 984-1905